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Our Team


Upasana Sahay

Director & Co-Founder

Upasana is a dynamic entrepreneur and strongly believes that no boundaries can restrict your dreams and passion. Born and brought up in India, living in different countries in Europe for more than a decade and having experienced the corporate culture - she can quickly see the growth potential for an individual, or an organization and can quickly bring significant added value to them. Her mantra is - Don’t stop, extend your horizon.

Upsana studied Zoology in the university, and pursued her post graduation in business management

Shabari Mitra

Director & Co-Founder

Shabari comes with a long and diverse range of experience of working with people from different spheres of life. She connects with people and understands deep human values. Born and brought up in a multicultural atmosphere in India, and now settled in Belgium - she has widely travelled across Europe to capture the uniqueness in diversity.

Shabari studied computer science, followed by post graduation in public relations.

Victor Mitra

Lead Media Manager

Victor represents youth at BmB, and has the ability to challenge the obvious. 19 years of age and a student of engineering and ICT at the university - he was brought up in an atmosphere of deep cultural values. As a child, he experienced the life in India and in Europe - and thus well placed to connect the dots that can help people to go beyond their boundaries.

At BmB, Victor is the bridge to the social media and instrumental in promotions of different company activities.

BmB committee members

Shabari Mitra

Upasana Sahay

BmB youth committee members



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